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Nouveauxcakes’ First Blog

I went along to the Cake & Bake Exhibition at Earls Courts last weekend 22/23 September and being someone that travels to as many exhibitions as I can, I felt it was a must that I attend this one, especially as it was on my doorstep!

I was not overly impressed with it and wondered why some of the exhibitors were even there. There were people selling cakes and brownies, there was another exhibitor selling desserts, this type of exhibitor is not usually seen at cake exhibitions and I felt the emphasis was definitely on the bake and not so much on the cake!

It was also very rare to see Squires Kitchens at an exhibition as they hold their own annual exhibition, but it was good to see them outside of their kitchens and their presence was definitely known!  I found out later that they were one of the sponsors.  They were everywhere, they had the largest stands, they did all the major demonstrations and you were able to mingle with the best in the business!  I had the pleasure of watching Carlos Luschetti demonstrate how to make the ballerina in his new book not only is this man very, very talented, but he’s great eye candy too!