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Cake Advice

Useful Information

Cake Transportation

Your cake will be presented in a sturdy heavy duty cake box with a lid and decorated with a lovely bow, therefore if you are collecting the cake yourself, please ensure it is transported in the boot of the car or on the floor of the car, the transport surface needs to be flat. Allowing someone to carry the cake on their lap is not secure or a good idea, as the driver may have to break suddenly and in this event your cake is likely to become damaged.

Cake Cutting

In order to get the most portions out of your cake, you should always cut the cake in rows and columns, never from the middle outwards as rows and columns is the protocol used by cake designers when they are approximating the number of people a cake will feed.

If in the unlikely event you have any cake left after your celebration, always make sure the cut end is covered with cling film/foil in order for the cake to retain its moisture. You can place the cake in an airtight container however, this may cause the icing to sweat and become a little tacky. All my sponge cakes will last for approximately one week once you are in receipt of them, but will dry out sooner if not protected from the elements once cut.

If you have a keepsake cake topper from your cake, please do not place it in the fridge or an airtight container as the condensation will make is sweat. Keep it dry by simply placing it in a box, cupboard or on a shelf, but ensure that is it away from direct sunlight as the sun will make it warp.

Fruit Cake Preservation

As my fruit cakes have a high alcohol content, they will preserve for at least 12 months if uncut and stored in a cool, dark place away from heat. They will last for at least three months if cut, and as with sponge cakes the cut end should be covered, but with cling film and then a sheet of foil. Do not allow the cut end of a fruit cake to be in direct contact with foil as the acidity from the alcohol in the cake will cause the foil to corrode. Once wrapped, again your cake should be kept away from direct sunlight or heat in order to retain moisture. With fruit cakes, direct sunlight will make the alcohol ooze out and eventually dry out the cake.