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Here at Nouveauxcakes we are often asked many questions so below we have tried to answer our most frequently asked questions. If you have a question that has not been listed, please email us and we will be happy to answer any of your queries.

Q – You do not have prices on your website, how much will my cake cost?

There are no prices on my website because the images on my site are not meant as a catalogue, but purely as an indication of the standard of craftsmanship you will receive when you order a cake from Nouveauxcakes and also as inspiration for your own cake design. All out cakes are bespoke as we never recreate the exact design twice! Also the images do not give an indication of size therefore if there were prices it may cause confusion if you needed a larger or smaller cake and was quoted a different price to that listed.

Q – I really like one of your designs, but I would like a different colours scheme, is this possible?

Yes it certainly is possible. Our cakes are made to suit your specific requirements so you can have any colour you choose to suit your own colour scheme.

Q – I have a design in mind that I have not found, is it possible for you to make my idea into a cake?

Absolutely! Here at Nouveauxcakes we thrive on creating masterpieces from just a thought or an idea, and welcome the challenge of designing a beautiful cake for you.

Q – I would like a tiered cake, is it possible to have different flavours for each tier?

Yes it certainly is. If for example you have a two or three tiered cake you can have different flavours for each tier. We do advise having the denser cakes choices at the bottom as they are heavier and we advise if you have 4 or 5 tiers to have no more than 3 flavours because if a particular flavour is popular, you will not have enough portions to serve your guests. Why not check out our Cake Flavour Choices to choose the flavours you like.

Q – How much in advance should I order my cake?

It is advisable to order your cake at least 2 – 4 weeks in advance as we do get busy. We are sometimes able to design your cake with a shorter lead time, but this is dependent upon our work schedule, so order early to avoid disappointment. If you are ordering a wedding cake, we advise that you order at the very least 3 months in advance to secure your booking.

Q – I would like to keep the cake topper as a memento of my special celebration, is this possible and how do I preserve it?

Yes this is possible provided you remove your topper carefully from the cake. The best way to preserve it is to put it into a box to keep it clean and clear of dust and keep it away from direct sunlight as this can make the colours fade. Do not put cake toppers in the fridge as the condensation will cause it to sweat and eventually wilt and do not put it in an airtight container unless you put some anti-moisture crystals in the container to prevent moisture damaging your topper.

Q – Is it possible to visit you and have a cake consultation?

Nouveauxcakes only has wedding cake consultations. We are very good at interpreting your designs and will confirm in writing your requirements. If you require a sketch, this is also possible once your order has been confirmed.

Q – I have seen a cake design on another website, can you copy that design?

Unfortunately not. Nouveauxcakes does not copy other cake designer’s creations as we feel this is unethical. What we are able to do is look at the design you like and create a similar design especially for you. Here at Nouveauxcakes we feel your cake should be as unique as you are and do not feel the need to copy other designer’s cakes.

Q – Can I collect my cake?

You certainly can. A couple of days before your cake order is complete, we will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient time for collection.

Q – Do you post your cakes?

Unfortunately we do not put our cakes in the post due to the delicate nature of our cake designs and the fact that they are perishable. We will however courier our cakes, the cost of which will be payable by you in addition to the cost of your cake.

Q – How far will you deliver your cakes?

We deliver cakes within a 20 mile radius of Bromley. We can arrange for your cake to be couriered outside of this distance, the cost of doing so will be payable by you.