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Wedding Cakes

The traditional wedding cake is a fruit cake, which has three tiers representing the past, present and the future and is round, as a circle is never ending. The ethos behind it I think is lovely and very romantic, but that too has changed and there are so many different shapes at your disposal which can just as easily represent romance and you are not just limited to fruit (take a look a my Cake Flavour Choices section). Many weddings these days have a theme so why not go that extra mile and incorporate your theme into your cake design, your cake will be the topic of conversation for many months after the event is over!

If you are looking for something a little different from the norm, below are some of the cake shape choices I have available for your dream wedding cake, although you are not limited to these shapes, you may want something completely different and unique:

nc cakes

As weddings are such an important event and the preparation can be very stressful and all consuming, a consultation is recommended and can very easily be arranged so that your concise instructions can be followed. If you do not know exactly what you require and need a nudge in the right direction, not a problem either, we can design your dream cake together.

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